How do art-making, cultural organizing and social movement strategy intersect for maximum impact? How do immediate tactics and long term transformation intersect? How do we disrupt the system, and simultaneously define our vision for what will replace it?


From intervention to illustration,  documentary film to graphic novels,  I use a diversity of art forms to engage, ignite, provoke, inspire and confront.

What matters to me is message and any medium is fair game.

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Culture is the operating system of society. As  both a culture maker and community organizer I seek to uncover  – and redeploy – the underlying values, ideas, images and symbols that influence collective action.  

How can art be more than decoration, but an organizing strategy for building power?


Traditional forms of power – hierarchy, domination, control – are being increasingly outmatched by new modes of organizing, particularly among decentralized, networks social movements like Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter.

Power is evolving and the new guidebook has yet to be written.